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Recycling Ink Cartridges Fundraiser

According to A Greener Refill, more than 300 million printer cartridges end up in our landfills yearly. That translates into more than $450 million thrown away. Approximately 90% of printer cartridges are recyclable, but only 20% are recycled. Excess ink can filter into our water supply. Ink cartridges made of the production of ink and toner vessels are moderately resourced. A Greener Refill suggests that more than three quarts of oil are consumed in producing each new laser cartridge. When manufacturing a new inkjet cartridge, about three ounces of oil is required. Over time, this amounts to a whole lot of black gold going from the ground straight into the trash.

Pathways fundraiser with Planet Green Recycle is to recycle ink cartridges and bring awareness to the impact of pollutants in the earth's atmosphere and water. You can start cleaning up the environment and making a carbon footprint by helping Pathways raise funds. Use our organization code 31589 to obtain a FREE USPS SHIPPING LABEL to ship your used ink cartridges to be recycled. Copy the link below to access the label,

Planet Green Recycle aims to create quality products, excellent service, and long-lasting relationships with their customers across the nation and continues to be the partner of choice for customers who deserve nothing but the best with these guiding values.


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