Education and Employment

Pathways addresses the needs of our changing world and equips youth and adults with the necessary skills and credentials for today's labor market.


Youth Workforce Development

Our youth need employment to start a solid foundation going into their adulthood, and employers need a prepared workforce. Pathways provides young people with opportunities to develop basic job and leadership skills while studying to earn their HSD or prepare for college. Participants also gain life skills, receive substance abuse counseling if needed, and engage in community revitalization.


Technical Training

As the world of work becomes more and more specialized, workers need more technically advanced skill sets. Pathways offers advanced training to unemployed and underemployed persons in hazardous and solid waste management, energy efficiency, lead remediation, and data cabling. These advanced skills provide participants with the technical abilities today's employers require.


Offender Re-Entry

Recently released individuals face barriers beyond the norm; this has negative consequences for us all. Pathways provides a safe and encouraging environment for individuals, with a high potential for recidivism, to access skills training and reintegration support.



Consistent with our belief in training individuals for livable, sustainable employment, Pathways offers internships in our workforce, health, administration, community revitalization, education, and counseling programs. We partner with area colleges in developing the next generation of qualified employees.

Good Health

The health of a community is directly tied to the health of its members. Pathways addresses the health and wellness needs of our community in myriad ways.


Access to Care

Petersburg is known for its inadequate access to health care leading to Virginia's worst rate of hospitalization for preventable conditions. Pathways Free Specialty Clinic and other health-related programs offer people the care and encouragement that they would otherwise not receive.


Reducing Environmental Hazards

Good health is unreachable if the places we live, work, and play in are poisonous to us. Pathways creates lead safe homes, provides training in hazardous waste removal, faciliates the planting of organic gardens free of pesticides and chemical fertilizers, operates an EnergyStar certified office facility, and builds green-certified homes.



We are what we eat. In a community defined as a food desert with limited access to healthy food options, making healthy choices in terms of nutrition is even more difficult. Pathways offers nutrition consultation, support to locally grown organic producers, and wholesome breakfast and lunch options to program participants.



Pathways offers exercise classes, substance abuse counseling, a library of good health literature, and operates a health challenge program that encourages all to exercise more and eat healthier. Pathways believes in challenging and supporting all people in living healthier lives.

Revitalized Community

One of Pathways' goals is to foster development that leads to the health of both a neighborhood and its residents as well as relationships between persons and their environment. These efforts provide the foundation for all we do.



All people deserve a healthy, decent and efficient home, built for the long-term. Pathways' housing units are EnergyStar and EarthCraft certified, meeting the highest standards of energy efficiency and green construction. All of Pathways' housing units are sold at an affordable price to the families who will live in them - increasing the rate of homeownership and community investment.


Disaster Recovery

Whether in Haiti, the Gulfcoast, or here in Virginia, Pathways will always stand ready to help rebuild homes, neighborhoods, and lives. Pathways staff, program participants, and volunteers put their training and expertise to work when disaster strikes.


Green Spaces

Gardens provide us with a place to reconnect with nature, each other, and the food we eat. Pathways meets this community need by engaging residents in transforming vacants lot into vegetable gardens and reclaiming a parking lot for a paradise. Sustainable landscaping practices such as water retention systems, permeable pavers, and native plants insure a lasting impact on the community.

Food Distribution

Food is a fundamental need. Pathways addresses food needs in our community through meal provision and acting as a regional distribution center, helping other area non-profits meet their clients' food needs.


Community Engagement

The most valuable asset in our community is the people who live here. Pathways provides a myriad of opportunities for service, fostering neighborhood attachment and good citizenship.

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