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POWER Program's powerful graduation

On Tuesday April 23rd, the POWER Program's Soft Skills students officially graduated. POWER is a Pathways program in conjunction with Crater Regional Workforce that helps young people achieve their goals, reach their full potential, and gain access to jobs and education.

Soft skills are the intangible qualities that can make a difference for a job candidate. Between communication skills, interview skills, attitude, collaboration skills, and so much more, having strong soft skills can propel an individual forward in their career. The POWER program works with young people to help develop those skills over the course of five weeks, with hands on instruction and support from our staff.

We are so incredibly proud of the graduates of this program, who exemplified these skills by giving personal testimonials at the graduation. With the support of friends, family, and staff members these remarkable individuals exemplify the qualities POWER stands for: Promoting Outstanding Work Ethics & Responsibility. The entire ceremony was incredibly moving, and I don't believe there was a single dry eye in the room. I am so grateful to have been there for the ceremony, and to the students and instructors, family and friends that made this program possible.

If you are interested in learning more about soft skills, click the picture below.

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