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National Volunteer Month

Did you know that April is National Volunteer Month? Here at Pathways we rely on volunteers to help provide a variety of services to the community. Pathways volunteers are part of our family, and we are incredibly grateful for them!

Some of the work that volunteers do: provide medical care in the clinic, VITA tax prep, food service at HarvestFest and YouthBuild graduation, food preparation for HarvestFest and other events, food and produce distribution, community health presentations, and other services which help keep us up and running. If you attended our HarvestFest and tasted and were served our delicious food, that was in large part from the help of volunteers! If you stop by our clinic and see one of the staff physicians, they are also a Pathways volunteer.

Being a volunteer means being part of something larger, and at Pathways there is always a home for any skill set, as long as it comes with a dedication to the community and a passion for service.

If you are interested in being a volunteer with Pathways, click the photo below and fill out our volunteer intake form. We are so excited to meet you and work with you!

Check out some of our volunteers serving food at our 2018 HarvestFest!

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