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Where You Grow Up Matters

The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation has released a statistical analysis of their longitudinal study following 20 million Americans from birth into their 30's.

You can see how Petersburg, the Tri-Cities region, and Virginia compare to the rest of the country and begin to see how where we start can impact where we end up.

At Pathways, we believe in the power and possibility of transformation for ourselves and our communities, but some places set us on a mountain top while others force us to climb out of the valley. Those are factors we need to recognize in order to improve.

This link will take you to articles about the data.

This one will take you to a searchable map of the data (so will clicking on the map above).

Search your home town, search where your parents grew up, search where your grandparents grew up and consider how their lives and your life might have been different growing up in a different place.

Use that vision to inspire you to help make each town or city a mountain top for all our kids.

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