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A New Path for Pathways

In 2017, Pathways continued its mission with a new direction in fundraising. So far, we have made great partnerships with good people that have made these fundraisers not only possible but much fun to attend

Our first fundraiser was hosted on May 19th by O'Tool's located at 4800 Forest Hill Ave., Richmond, VA. O'Tool's is a widely recognized and established restaurant. John O’Tool was very kind and generous to share some of his profit with us on the night of the event. Being our first fundraiser for the year I must say we did pretty good. We had a great time and even raffled away prizes donated from local businesses. we also had some vendors that night representing Lula-Roe, Scentsy, and Chloe + Isabel which all donated part of their proceeds. We are much looking forward to hosting another fun night at O'Tool's in the near future.

On May 23th our local Chick-fil-A located at 661 Southpark Blvd, Colonial Heights , Colonial Heights was kind enough to have us host our second fundraiser in which our staff was able to participate and interact with some of our supporters. We raised a good amount of money and as usual the Pathways staff made this Spirit Night a night of laughs, interactions, and a fellowship of family. Much Thanks Chick-fil-A!

On June 7, we hosted a fundraiser at Panera Bread located 796 Southpark Blvd, Colonial Heights and we're most pleased with the support and the turnout. Panera bread is famous for their healthy choices, which along with their generosity allowed us to raise excellent funds for Pathways. It was so refreshing to see how many people in our community know of our organization and were willing to come out and show their support. I can't wait to host there again.

Who doesn't like Chipotle located at 1901 Boulevard, Colonial Heights know I eat there all the time so I was excited to host our last fundraiser of the quarter there. The Chipotle located at 1901 Boulevard, Colonial Heights Va. was so very helpful in acquiring more funds for the cause. Their staff was amazing and quite helpful in the process. I'm counting the days to our next event.

In addition to our recent fundraisers Pathways has also implemented another activity to connect with different agencies in hopes of building long lasting partnerships. Our "Open House" is an excellent way to connect or reconnect with people willing to work with Pathways in many ways. Everyone here is looking forward to expanding our connections and partnerships to achieve our goals together. I hope to see you soon at future events! Stay tuned, information on upcoming fundraisers and activities will be available soon. Make sure to follow us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter

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